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  Rochester Area Consulting Engineers

That's Rochester, Minnesota, home of the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, the highly productive IBM Rochester plant, the southern end of the Mid-Western corridor of outstanding medical technology companies (LifeScience Alley ), the location of the highly innovative Hardcore Computer, and the location of the first permanent urban flock of Canada geese. 

As you can see by the site map at the left, RACE performs a number of activities including contract engineering, contract product development and proprietary product development. We also have a number of related additional capabilities which we offer including project management, finite element analysis, solid model design, technical writing, engineering analysis, math & science tutoring and website design. 

We are a group of experienced engineers and technicians who can take care of your large or small engineering tasks.  We can put together the project team needed for your job, and we can project manage that work to your satisfaction.  When you outsource with us you can relax in the knowledge that we will handle your job exactly the way you want it handled.  We have been trained by IBM, PEMSTAR (now Benchmark Electronics) and other leading companies to perform product development for maximum gain with minimum expenditure of resources.

We are particularly pleased with one of our larger projects which we did for the Mayo Clinic to use with their internal invention disclosure/intellectual property capture program.  This project is documented in summary form in an article from our SolidWorks VAR, Symmetry Solutions.  Please take a few moments to skim the article to get a better idea of how we can stretch and deliver truly unique products for you. 

Please review our website, see what we're all about, and when you're ready to contact us you can do so over the web, by snail mail or by phone.


RACE Headquarters

William W. Brooks Jr., Founder

Email contact for all activities:  Founder"at sign"

628 22nd St. NE, Rochester, MN 55906

507-282-3305, cell 507-261-8245


A final winter photo shows a flock of "our" Canada geese in the water and roosting on the ice on Silver Lake.  For those of you involved in computers, this is the same Silver Lake that served as the code name for the AS-400 mid-range computer system from IBM Rochester during the late 1980s.  Now you are probably more familiar with the web servers built in that same plant which are the direct successors of the AS-400.  Or perhaps you're more familiar with IBM's supercomputers such as Blue Gene and Watson which are also built at our local plant. 




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Additional Links


The Kim Komando Show


Click here for a really great local country/rock band.  The lead singer also happens to be a superb PC consultant.


Click here for great Catholic pro-life products.


Click here to check out Knights of Columbus activities in the Rochester area.


Click here to check out the Rochester Area Society of Manufacturing Engineers chapter.

Click here if you are a Friend Of Bill.

If you're interested in learning about investing, contact Bill Brooks for information about  Rochester Dollars and Sense Investment Club.  We have over $60,000 invested, so we are serious, but we also have fun learning about investing and watching our investments prosper.  Look here for some good investing educational links.

Square dancing is a terrific way to forget about the cares of the day and have a lot of fun for a very minimal cost, so it is a near perfect recreational outlet.  Look here for information about square dancing in the Rochester area.

Substance abuse is a major problem in today's society and, unfortunately, a large number of substance abusers end up having extremely difficult times breaking their habits and returning to sober society.  AA is a major help to many people so try that first if you or a friend of yours have a problem.  If the problem causes real ongoing difficulties including homelessness, and that person really wants to turn their life around, then contact the Cronin Home here in Rochester to find a healthy living environment which can help in that transformation.  If you are fortunate enough to not have an addiction problem, you could help by donating goods or cash to the Cronin Home.  An easy way to do this is to participate in their fund raisers such as the upcoming Chili Feed in November.  Check the Cronin Home website for more details.

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